Trasportation for dialized


Aurora Servizi, in agreement with the Italian National Health Service, provides transport for patients suffering from chronic nephropathy in dialysis treatment. The service is dedicated to those users who are not autonomous in terms of movement to/from the health facility where they perform dialysis shifts. Quite often, in fact, people who are forced to undergo dialysis treatments are not able, at the end of the treatment, to drive a car, nor can they be assisted by their relatives, who are busy with their own duties.

This is why our company offers a dedicated service; our staff will take care of the transfer of the user from home to the dialysis centre and vice versa. The transport is shared (with other users) but it is possible to develop specific solutions for individual patients.

The whole service is ABSOLUTELY FREE for residents of the Lazio Region or for foreigners temporarily living on the national territory in possession of a STP code.In accordance with the latest regional regulation on nephrology and dialysis (DCA n. U00441 of 22.12.2014 “Disposizioni normative in materia di nefropatie e dialisi, di contributi per spese di trasporto e prestazioni dialitiche e contestuale revoca della DGR n. 1614/2001”), only approved companies can provide the above-mentioned service. Our company is recognized by the Asl Roma A, Roma B, Roma C, Roma D , Roma E, Roma G.